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Are you having a hard time finding a flatbed body that you want? Highway Products has been building custom aluminum flatbeds for over 30 years and our team can fabricate exactly what you are looking for. Our custom flatbeds are half the weight of steel bodies; a savings you can see every time you fill up. We can fabricate custom top boxes, underbody boxes, transfer tanks and cross boxes to these platform bodies. There are over 20 additional options you can add to your custom flatbed and we guarantee a perfect fit. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


1. 100% Fully Welded Aluminum Flatbed
Highway Products flatbeds are constructed from heavy gauge marine grade aluminum and they are fully welded without the use of rivets. A standard deck is 1/8″ diamond plate with square corners. Channel sills are full length and each cross member is placed on 12″ centers. The side rails are 6″ extruded “C” channels that house LED lights and rope hooks. We frame in the tail apron and use gussets to maximize strength and durability.


2. Seven Prong Trailer Plug-In
Nobody likes to have their trailer plug-in dangling from the tail apron. We install the 7-prong receiver right into the tail apron, saving you time and limiting frustrations of poor connections. The weather tight seal on the trailer plugin expels water and dirt when not in use. We use a convoluted plastic tubing that houses and protects the wires that run from the truck to the flatbed.


3. Contoured Headboard
Standard headboard frames are constructed from a 4″ aluminum channel that is completely seamless. The vertical or horizontal bars (2 different standard options) are then welded to the contoured frame. We contour the headboard frame because it improves rear viewing and it creates easy access to fuel filler bezel. These headboards will add another 5″ to the total length of your flatbed. This zero bolt and non-rivet design adds strength and good looks.


4. Fuel Filler Bezel
Fuel filler bezels are installed in the side of the service body. The placement of the truck’s fuel tank determines where the bezel is installed. The fuel filler bezel comes with all Highway Products utility bodies.


5. Guaranteed to Fit
Every year truck manufactures change designs, styles and models. It is impossible to make one utility body that will fit properly on a thousand different chassis. We take pride in building aluminum service bodies that will fit your truck. Our salesmen and engineers create detailed drawings for every truck body. This fail-proof system ensures a perfect fit, every time!


6. Half the Weight of Steel
Aluminum is half the weight of steel; allowing a heavier load which gives better fuel economy while carrying fire fighting equipment and thousands of gallons of water.


7. LED Lighting
We place LED lights in the bumper on all standard service bodies. These LED lights are maintenance free. They are brighter and have a longer life span than conventional lights. If you left these lights on all day every day, they would last over 2,000 days.


8. Rope Eye Hooks
Load control is a constant problem with truck flatbeds. Over the years we learned that having a eye hole and a hook makes life easier when tying down a load. Thread rope through the eye hole or use the hook; regardless, they are very handy a extremely versatile. We weld multiple aluminum rope eye-hooks on the side rails to maximize efficiency when securing your load.


9. 5th Wheel Receiver Hitch
We stock and install all of the major brands of 5th wheel hitches as well as air ride 5th wheel hitches. We mount a 1/2″ Steel plate directly to your frame and mount the 5th wheel hitch to the plate. Flatbeds make the best 5th wheel hauler or gooseneck platform possible.


10. 5th Wheel Well & 7-Prong Trailer Plug
30″ x 30″ 5th wheel well with an additional 7-Prong trailer plug at the well.


11. 5th Wheel Well Cut-Out
This 30″x30″ 5th Wheel well cut-out allows your 5th wheel hitch to be mounted directly to your truck frame. Mounting the hitch to the frame is much stronger than mounting to the flatbed deck. Mounting to the frame lowers your hitch, giving it a low profile look that makes it easier to connect and disconnect your trailer. We install an additional 7 pin trailer plug inside the well for a clean hookup to your trailer brakes and lights.


12. Air Ride Suspension
Air ride suspensions are very popular on heavier trucks because they give you such a smooth ride and are so much easier on your trailer. The more advanced systems will raise or lower your truck as well as adjust to the load you are carrying so your truck doesn’t sag in the rear. We sell and install Kelderman Air rides for both 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks and can recommend the best option to suit your needs.


13. Deck Upgrade
Upgrade to a 3/16″ or 1/4″ diamond plate or smooth finish deck. Diamond plate decks (standard) give excellent traction and help keep your load secure. The smooth finish allows loads to be slid easily on and off the flatbed deck.


14. Dump Body
We can add a dump bed feature that will turn your flatbed into a dump truck. A must have for professionals who haul dirt, gravel or bark.


15. Extra Amenities
Strap winch for side rails and/or lumber / ladder racks. Mud flaps. Wheel well skirt. Electric break controller. Goose-neck plate and ball with safety rings. 30K 5th Wheel Hitch by Reese.


16. Fuel or Water Transfer Tanks
Need extra range? Do you have heavy equipment that you don’t want to take off the job-site? We have many standard size tanks to choose from as well as the ability to customize tanks to your needs. All tanks are 100% aluminum and fully welded.


17. Gooseneck Well & Cover
Our 18″x18″ Goose-neck well conveniently gives you access to your goose-neck hitch for easy hookup and disconnects. The Flush mounted Cover is hinged and when closed gives you a full flat deck on your work truck. We install a second 7 Pin trailer plug directly into the well for a quick and clean brake and light hookup. Shown here is an HPI 1/2″ Steel Goose-neck plate and hitch with Steel D-rings for your safety chains.


18. Headboard
We offer 2 different designs; horizontal bars a vertical bar look. Non-contoured headboards are available upon request. Corner directional light boxes with LED lights and load lights can be added for extra lighting. Welded lumber stops or bolt on lumber stops is an extra option to keep your load from sliding off the headboard.


19. Installation
Highway Products is registered with the (USDOT) U.S. Department of Transportation & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a certified flatbed installer. We can ship the flatbed to an upfitter of your choice. Many customers buy the truck and body at the same time so they can finance the entire package. Give us a call and we will work with you.


20. Lumber / Ladder Racks
Full Lumber / Ladder Racks can be customized to meet your needs. These racks are engineered so they can be removed from the flatbed. Each rack is customized to meet your needs.


21. Removable Side Rails
There are 2 different styles to choose from: stainless steel smooth or diamond plate. Side rails prevent loads from sliding off deck and add a stylish look to our flatbeds.


22. Shipping
Many of our flatbeds can be shipped via common carrier truck. The tail apron comes pre-welded. Headboards and toolboxes are pre-drilled and will be bolt on ready. We can ship this package to your door or to your favorite up fitter, body shop, or weld shop.


23. Stake Pockets
Our stake pockets are sized to accept 2x4s. Build your own sides if you want to, or need too.You may want to haul something unusual so you can take some 2x4s and build what you need just for that load. Or some guys just like wood sides. Highway Products flatbeds give you a choice.


24. Suction Hose Compartment
This feature provides extra storage, it is easy to access and is built to suit. It is roughly 6″ x 24″.


25. Tail Apron Accessories
Mounts for backup sensors and camera(s) allow you to install these features in our flatbeds. Tail board work decks can be made with aluminum or steel.


26. Tapered Rear Corners
If you plan on hauling a trailer then you should add this option. Tapered rear corners provides extra swing (clearance for trailer) when towing.


27. Underbody Tool Boxes
Underbody Boxes, low side boxes, high side boxes, boxes with steps, boxes with drawers, boxes with an air compressor and/or custom boxes; regardless, adding boxes to your flatbed makes it completely customizable.


28. Vee Deck Option
Easily line up your trailer tongue with this option. A “Vee” in the deck is designed to create a channel so you can back the ball right into the hitch. An optional cover is available for you to turn your “Vee” deck into a traditional flatbed.

Style Options



Matte/Glossy Black

Diamond Plate




Custom Colors

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"To Whom It May Concern: We have been purchasing Highway Products equipment for our fleet and are quite satisfied with them. Highway Products builds their products with an eye on quality and backs them with an excellent warranty. The crew at Highway Products has been very accommodating and do their best to help us when we are pressed by time constraints or need a custom job. I would recommend them for consideration as a vendor for your truck accessories."

− Scott Kimmons - Maintenance Manager - TP Trucking, Inc.

"I just opened our diamond plate aluminum box! I had to let you know I am very pleased. The work you guys did is of the utmost skill resulting in an item that demonstrates quality in every measure. The heft of the pieces, sturdiness of construction, the clear details, even the high level of polish diamond plate are testament to your craftsmanship. On top of all this, the speed with which you expedited my order was impressive. Thank you for everything. I predict I will be ordering from you yet again. Also when I have breakfast tomorrow morning with my gang of OLD Car Guys... Like 20 - 25 of us, and I'm going to show them your work. We're all in the Seattle area and most have similar car trailers, 5th wheels, etc., type rigs. Joe, we'd like to know who your fabricator was on this as we really want to "THANK HIM" for a great job! Give us his name if you can, or at the very least let him read this E-mail. I'm going to be so proud of your D/P Alum Box on our Car Trailer Tongue!"

− Ken - Seattle, WA

"Dear Highway Products, I've got one of your saddle boxes and the lock on the passenger side had broken after about five years. I had it wired shut to keep it closed. The funny thing that happened to me was, a guy saw me at a Lowes store and asked me why I hadn't gotten the lock fixed. Highway Products warranties them for life. I was almost dumb struck. I had forgotten. Anyway, I called your 800 tool box number and Obie sent me out a new lock the next day at no charge. I want to thank Obie for being so fast about it. He even sent me some new weather stripping. Wow! Thanks Obie and Highway Products. My tool box is as good as new."

− Jeb Miles - Morgantown, WV